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Family Keylogger - invisible keystroke logger.

Hidden dangers

Nowadays the internet is considered not only as worldwide network which serves as a great informational source. Unfortunately, these days the internet often represents danger. It can be a cause of cheating, the debauchery of youth and other incidents. The great variety of different chat-rooms, porn sites, dating websites (which are often open to all) represents hidden online danger for relationships in your family and for safety of your children.

Some people think that there's no danger of that and often become victims of online dangers because of their light-mindedness. But those who understand the seriousness of this problem can avert a disaster.

So how can you stave off online danger? The answer is simple - Family Keylogger! This keyboard logger records all the keystrokes which are made by any user when you are away. And then Family Keylogger will give you detailed information saved as a text file. Your family members won't suspect anything because this keystroke recorder will be totally invisible for them. Family Keylogger will also save the information about sent e-mails, visited websites and launch of applications. It will catch cheating wife or record the information about people your children communicate with, when you're not at home. Family Keylogger is the best safeguard from online dangers!

Why Install Family Keylogger?

1. With the help of Family Keylogger you can safeguard your children from online dangers.

Nowadays children often visit chat rooms and prefer to communicate in the internet. They don't sense danger hidden behind the avatars of their "friends". Criminals often trick the children in the internet. Your child can tell to his "friend" the number of the telephone, the address etc. Such information may be useful for thief.

Pedophiles also often use the internet to worm themselves into child's confidence. Communication with such people represents a great danger for your child. Unfortunately, there were a lot of evidences when the internet became a cause of the debauchery of youth. Of course it is necessary to tell your child about all these online dangers, but children are too na?ve and trustful, that is why just to tell them about danger is not enough!

If you really concern about the child's online security, you'd better to know what websites your child visits and what people your child communicates with in the internet. But such strict control will hurt child's feelings. Besides you won't be able to "spy" on your child all the time.

How can you protect your kids? Keyboard recorder can work in stealth mode and inform you about the websites your child visits, so you can prevent visiting durty sites. You will also get the information about the "internet friends" of your child, so you'll be able to protect it from communication with criminals and pedophiles. In such a way you'll concern about your child's online safety and it won't even suspect this.

2. With the help of Family Keylogger you can catch cheating.

Chat-rooms and dating websites are created not only for making friends, but also for love affairs. In such a way your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend can cheat on you. Of course trust is one of the most important things for good relationships, but if your second half often visits dating websites and chat-rooms, you'd better verify whether he or she is cheating on you.

Does your wife often visit chat rooms? Do you want to know what she is writing to other people? Does your husband like to visit dating websites? Now you can catch cheating spouse red handed!

It's very easy to catch cheating spouses with Family Keylogger which main aim is to solve problems in your family connected with the internet.

Family Keylogger will catch spouse cheating even when you are not at home. Certainly your spouse will deny that he or she is cheating on you, but you ever will know the truth. Family Keylogger will save the information for you about websites which your spouse visits and about people he or she communicates with. Family Keylogger will be invisible for your spouse. This peculiarity of the program will help to catch cheating easily. So if you want to catch cheating wife or cheating husband you needn't help of the detective. Just use Family Keylogger! It will be your private detective 24 hours a day and will easily catch cheating spouses!